Pratibh Trivedi (Praatrive)

What makes art… ART, is the emotions of the experience.
The only motive is to keep one's nuances of experience intact, alive and to express that 'thing-in-itself' with an honest any means; be it oration, writing, sculpting, painting, acting, singing, dancing...

Having such a streak alive within, I pursued my academics in streams of strict logic such as Mathematics & Computers. Though it demanded a fine balance between these two virtually disconnected avenues, my mind started to vent out...often in forms of scribbles and sketches.

Not too later from then, the sketches started to dribble into colors and the flushes started to come out in full stream. The paintings conceived the apparitions its characteristics to cosmos, energy/ dark-energy, principle of uncertainty, neural networks, cell-biology, chaos-theory and other abstract subjects.

Not sure if it was a boon not to have a formal education in the fields of Art, I feel my works have evolved to be a "cognoscos”, sculpted out of of my instincts, perceptions and logic!!

I hereby intend to put forth my humble works in front of you and all with the aspiration to explore the territory of the ingenious world of art exponents which shall feed my hunger and passion.

Look forward to your feedbacks and suggestions throughout this perennial journey.

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