About Artifacts

All works (images, texts) displayed/ presented here, on this site are originally conceived ideas/ works by Pratibh Trivedi ‘Praatrive’, unless and otherwise stated.

All artworks displayed in this site are the photographed images of the original works and these works range in size from minimum A4 up to feets using various medium such as acrylic, oil, ink, water on canvas and paper. No digital medium has been used while painting these works. These all are the actual/physical meeting of paper/ canvas with colors.

Pratibh Trivedi ‘Praatrive’ does not sign his work in the front of the painting rather he puts his signature
and name at the back of the canvas.

Prints & Sales

If you have any questions about acquiring any of the displayed artworks on this site or you want to use these for Educational/ Commercial/ Private purpose, interested in having prints, offer for commissions or just would like to share, please reach out using Contact link

If you require any further information on permitted use or to republish any material, email us at praatrive@gmail.com




Praatrive is registered name in the register of accompanying Trademark in class 16, The Trade Marks Act, 1999, in the name of Pratibh Trivedi. ‘Praatrive’ is pen-name/ brush-name for Pratibh Trivedi.



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